How best to quit!


“How best to quit?” . . .  this was the question that I faced and struggled with the answer, I looked at what services and products were available t the time (early 1990s) . .  so there were Patches and Gum and Lozenges and for the natural healer there was acupuncture and hypnotherapy and I tried all of these products and services but the real breakthrough for me was the understanding of my “decision” and how powerful that was in the real state of wanting to make this important change in my life . . . and I grew to understand the power that can come from a decision that is strengthened by commitment . . but how to keep that buzz going? the buzz of deciding a course of action and becoming excited about the possibilities . . it had to be more than willpower as willpower is super strong at the beginning but gradually fades . .  so I worked on a way of keeping that decision as powerful all the time, every morning and every night and all the moments in between had to power this decision so there was no alternative . . wow it was getting deep in thought but the answer popped into my head and so the Decision Cycle was created . . . the Decision Cycle keeps that Decision to quit the smokes in the present moment, powers the Decision with Commitment so I can go through my normal day and all the actions that I do during the day . . combining that with the Te Whare Tapa Wha model of physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual energies and power . .  see more of that on next page . .


love&peace Michael

Welcome to Te Whare Ora . . .

Te Whare Ora means ‘place of well-being.

In the case of addictions to nicotine, drugs, alcohol etc Te Whare Ora means that ‘you’ the individual are the ‘place’ and your recovery from the addiction is the journey of Well-being.

The Te Whare Ora Quit program is designed to fit your life whatever the circumstances or situation in your life . .  you could live in a Castle on the hill or be serving 20 years incarceration . . . the battle to beat the addiction is your journey, Te Whare Ora walks beside you navigating the steps that you must take in order to life your life of Well-being.

Te Whare Ora comes from the journey that I begun on my 40th birthday coming to the realisation that I was ruled by my addictions to cigarettes (40 tailor-mades a day) plus smoking marijuana and drinking way in excess of alcohol (beer, wine & spirits) . .  when I hit the wall there appeared to be nothing, no guide, no support network to say ‘this is what you need to do” . . .

I came to the understanding that even though I had absolutely no idea what life would be like with these substances in my life I was determined to shake them off and live my life clean.

My motivation was my 4 kids.

I wanted to be the best for them. They would be my motivation in the best and worst moments of the journey.

The great news is that I made it.  The marijuana and drink was first to go and was easy to step away from those.  The cigarettes were a different matter.  I tried patches, gum, lozenges, acupunture, hyponotherapy, sprays, books, everything I could get or do I did, and some worked for a while and them I found myself smoking again.

What I did not realise at the time was the stress levels that I was under, I had lost my Linehaul Contract, I lost my marriage to the most beautiful woman, I lost my farm, I lost my family, and I almost lost me.

I moved from Wellington to Auckland and there I found the answer I was looking for . .  sitting in a cafe one day I overheard the conversation of a couple sitting behind me . .  the Lady said to her Partner “if you are going to do it then bloody well make up your mind”.

WHAM! . . .  knocked me off my chair . . a lightbulb moment . . that was it! . .  all I had to do was to make a decision.  But how?

My youngest daughter was doing a University Degree in Physcology so I asked her “how do we make decisions” . .  her answer “it is a process”.

So for the next couple of years I researched and experimented with the process and before me unravelled the most amazing journey . . . I started to put my ideas into practice and gave the ‘initial program’ to my friend Russell, he was attempting for the 12th time to quit the smokes . . his answer was that my program was so simple it must be untrue, so we poked and prodded and bingo! Russell was smokefree! . . and so I gave the developing program to others to try . .  then in 2000 I launched the first ‘’ website . . 2 pages!

Since those early days I have sold or given away thousands of ‘xsmoker’ programs . . and in the past 2 years developed the Quit Program into a multi dimensional, multi substance journey that even the most hardened smoker or doper or drinker can use and succeed.

Now I can share with you the amazing life transforming program that inspires and enthuses you to plan and set goals and motivates you to succeed.

It is my pleasure to welcome you to Te Whare Ora.

The place where your Self-Belief in your Well-being begins.