Te Whare Tapa Wha . . . the Maori Health model


It is my pleasure to introduce the Te Whare Tapa Wha Maori Health Model developed by Prof. Sir Mason Durie . .  basically it is the four elements of the structure of a Whare (house) . . the two sides and two roof components that make up the form of the whare, take one component away and the structure will fall, it will fail . . .
if we translate that into the human form it is represented by the physical, the emotional, the intellectual and the social.

For the Te Whare Ora Quit Program we change the ‘social’ element to become spiritual.
Spiritual does not mean Religion, it refers to the way that the Client treats themselves, the way they treat their family and the their Community and how their attitude to the Planet.

The physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual within the human being must be well, they must be aligned, and in balance.

If there is sickness in any of those four energies then the human being is not well. Having all those energies in sync and at their best provides the foundation for well-being.

And when we come to making the Decision to quit the smokes we use all those energies
The physical is involved with the actual habit itself and the holding and smoking of the cigarette. So here the physical must change its actions to align with the decision to quit.

In Maori and Pacific Island cultures the breath is tapu, it is sacred.
So to breathe in smoke or anything harmful into the lungs is breaking that tapu.
This can be a great motivation for some, that the breath must be pure to ensure that the sacredness and the physical is respected to the upmost.

The Emotional area needs very careful attention as there are many emotive reasons why you smoke.
For some folk the smokes have always being there through the hard times through the ups and downs of life and without the smokes how are you going to handle these situations?. 

So the technique of observing our current situation is intended to separate us from the position of the object observed and the person observing the object.
Without trying to get you to stand on your own shoulders! it means that we stand back and observe the situation that we are in and see how we are reacting to it . . 

if its an emotional situation such as child or partner hospitalised suddenly we can see that we are faced with a stressful time and that normally we would reach for the smokes . .  so now we have to break that thought pattern and find an alternative outlet or action that we can handle this situation and NO I do not mean to substitute the smokes for a drink or a joint!!

Intellectual is an interesting area! . .  we sometime fail to understand how clever we are! . .
I mean this with great sincerity that you are more intelligent than you know.

Some folk believe that because they have a writing or reading difficulty that means they are dumb or lacking in intelligence . . in the early 1990s I met a number of young guys who had slipped through the cracks during their school years and they had difficulty in reading and writing they assumed that they were not as clever, not as bright as folk that read and write.
But it is not true.
These guys were intelligent, however they believed that they were not as good, not as clever.

Spiritual has nothing to do with religion.
Spirituality is deep inside you and dictates how you treat yourself, how you are with  our family, your Partner, your kids, and how you are with your friends, your Community and how you are with your planet.
If you operate with respect and give that respect to all and to the planet then you are in alignment with your true spiritual nature.
You are a ‘giver’. On the other side is you are a taker and you demand respect then you are out of alignment. the easy way to figure this dilemma is to see if you could be alone and survive without needing others to provide for you.

If you need others so you can feel good, if you need others so you can exercise your power so you feel fulfilled then you are out of alignment.
Look at the lives of people like the Dali Lama, Nelson Mandela, Muhammad Ali, these great people are ‘givers’ . . then compare them to people that are ‘takers’, I will not name any here as you will see them in your life, just be aware of them.

Align these four energies like four strands of a rope . . combined they are very strong and will provide you with the inner power that you will need to draw on when starting the journey of quitting the smokes . . .

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